Name : Edwin Chong

Date of Birth : 8th November 1973

Ethnicity : Chinese

Marital Status : Single

Languages Spoken : English, Malay, Cantonese, Hokkien, Indonesian

  Mission Statement

To find happiness, fulfillment and value in living, I will:

  • LEAD a life centered around the principles of empowerment, fairness, honesty, and excellence.
  • REMEMBER what's important in life is health, happiness, love, relationships, financial security and purpose in life.
  • REVERE admirable characteristics in others, such as being ambitious, balanced, principle-centered, responsible, self-reliant, and fair, and attempt to implement similar characteristics in my own life.
  • RECOGNISE my strengths and develop talents as a person who is ambitious, courageous, artistic, athletic, a communicator, diplomatic, organised, hard-working and a leader.
  • HUMBLE myself by acknowledging that I can be impulsive, pessimistic, fearful and by constantly striving to transform my weaknesses into strengths.
  • ENVISION myself becoming a person who is independent, educated, dependable, continuously working to enrich the lives of people, impartial by nature, fun, industrious and focused.


Career Aims

Self-motivated, ambitious and committed Management Information Systems graduate with previous professional experience, and who believes in continuous learning, keen on embarking on a career in the information systems industry in Europe, America, Australia or East Asia.

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