May 2006 - Present @ Novatel Wireless, United Kingdom
  • Approval authority for software releases to the Europe, Middle East and Africa(EMEA) region. Software releases include driver installers, driver files, 3rd party vendor dashboards, Mobilink and Mobilink Lite.
  • Lead systems engineer for Mobilink Lite, proprietary connection manager application for autoinstall USB HSDPA wireless 3G datacard modems and embedded modules. Ensured quality control from QA release to commercial launch through detailed verification procedure.
  • Primary support contact for all software issues and technical support for system engineers, project managers and technical account managers overseeing operator technical acceptance, OEMs and 3rd party dashboard developers for minor SDK support.
  • Software project leader for providing seamless technical software support to EMEA primary customer(Telefonica of Spain) – led the launch of XU870, MC950D and MC990D. Provided on-site support to Telefonica headquarters in Madrid in troubleshooting driver defects which were blocking issues in acquiring unconditional T.A..
  • Analyse and design test cases for inter-operability software testing on computer systems – including firmware, connectivity interfaces(PCMCIA and Expresscard), analysing USB protocol stack, testing on clean systems, support for legacy products, testing on dirty systems with legacy drivers installed, and anticipating end user scenarios.
  • Single handedly built and cloned/ghosted 30+ test laptops(Windows and Mac) customised according to European regional settings and language requirements (English, French, Italian, German, Spanish). Maintaining regular Microsoft hotfixes and Apple software updates through partition or disk cloning/imaging using GParted, Norton Ghost and Apple’s Disk Utility.
  • Lead support technician for all Apple Mac OS X software and kernel extension issues within EMEA. Mac OS X is also my choice of personal computing platform.
  • Inter-operability testing of wireless wide area network(WWAN) mobile wireless devices that support HSDPA, UMTS, EDGE and GPRS in mobile phone networks. Involved in the process of analysis and debugging defects Windows or Mac OS X system or driver crashes, troubleshoot driver issues related to virtual smartcard readers, serial ports(status & diagnostic), virtual network adapters(NDIS), USB composite device and host controllers. Understand and resolve driver and Windows resource conflicts, BSODs, install and uninstall issues from Windows Installer through research and reverse engineering.
  • Maintained ownership of detected defects from launch to resolution. Launching, monitoring, resolving tickets through log analysis, error handling issues and successful communication with virtual software development teams in the USA using Mercury Quality Center and TeamTrack ticketing system, Microsoft Sharepoint and the company’s internal intranet portal.
  • Testing pre-release operating system software updates for Windows and Mac downloaded from MSDN and ADC membership websites to test the operability of current and alpha devices.
  • Customising internal software tool(Zeeper) using a configurable XML datasheet.
  • Customisation of Mobilink Lite, appending APN, logo and other customised QoS settings.
  • Creation and population of an internal knowledge base of how-to documents for capturing troubleshooting methods, training documentation and maintaining document control.
  • Supported developer teams in USA and assisted in debugging issues through remote access sessions using TeamViewer and RealVNC. Established this as company policy.
  • Partially assisting developers in compiling source codes into an executable installer for customised Mobilink and checking into Visual SourceSafe and Perforce source control repository.
  • Interviewing and evaluating the skillset of new recruits into the test team. Recruited and trained new testers to a high degree of detailed observation, detailed analysis, scrutiny and root cause analysis. Trained technical account managers in the autoinstall logic of USB devices.
  • Research and evaluation of laptop market trends and the evolution of technical standards, ensuring pool of test laptops are updated according to market demand and availability.

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August 2005 - April 2006 @ Microsoft Corporation, United Kingdom (Contract)
  • Worked as an MSN adCenter Universal Support Agent to form part of the pioneering team in the beta development phase of the next-generation MSN adCenter tool to implement initial pilot programs in France, Singapore and USA.
  • Ongoing delivery and continuous growth of customer support solution within global targets developed on the best practices for quality computing services environment – rapid response times, nominal call waiting, low abandoned call rate, high first call resolution, competent technical expertise and first rate professionalism.
  • Achieved technical facilitation and global collaboration with virtual engineering teams to support product development and enhancement using Microsoft CSS Phoenix ticketing platform, user authentication and account activation, communicate customer technical problems, ticket escalations, global system outages, bug reporting, security loopholes, testing, latency issues and develop feature requests.
  • Troubleshoot email and phone customer support tickets to resolve technical issues relating to creating compelling search engine ads and landing pages, keyword performance advice, keyword approval & appeal, ad performance and guidance, ad relevancy, conversion rates, increasing click through rate(CTR) and impressions, customer account/product activation difficulties, disputed points, general online advertising queries, creation and management of ad campaigns, billing accounts.
  • Successfully educated, coached and provided training to users of the adCenter tool, including the specialised use of analytical keyword research technology behind MSN adCenter to optimise user market behavioural targeting advantage sourced from registration data captured through Microsoft Passport services(MSN Messenger, Hotmail, etc.). Keyword research data is acquired from logfile analysis recording search terms from a Passport user - capturing advanced user profile information like age, gender, geographical location(through IP reverse lookup), lifestyle.
  • Wrote, designed, produced and published online support articles, training manuals, coherent fortnightly meeting agenda and reports for team reference, adherence and propagation.
  • Determined expectation and requirements of business users through phone & email interviews and analysis to provide feedback, delivered to the strategic planning and technical engineering teams to ensure continuous enhancement and improvement of the adCenter tool.
  • Progressive data research, capture, compilation and report of global user feedback data acquired from online forums, newsletters, blogs, news sites and user comments.
  • Coherently document, troubleshoot and resolve critical support issues in the accurate implementation and service delivery of customer requirements within SLA terms.
  • Accomplished enhancing adCenter self serve customer experience by ensuring successful delivery of ads and keywords on MSN Search and that they fulfill technical expectations.
  • Attained intricate knowledge on building customer relationships, search engine optimisation, campaign creation, adCenter knowledge.
  • Enhanced efficiency of the Automated Editorial Verification Process through performing manual approval of submitted keywords and ads.
  • Participated in the delivery of time sensitive finance operational procedures to the EMEA region that reduced operational costs by £20,000 per month.
  • Successful capture of disparate incident data to process and produce a single performance metrics analysis environment.
  • Processed search data of top search engine keywords into multi-layered classifications and categorisation.

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June - July 2005 @ Dialaphone Ltd, United Kingdom (Part-time)
  • Outbound Agent for the Sales Department. Duties include calling a researched segment of the market to promote and sell contract mobile phone packages.
  • Developed qualities of effective and clear communication, sales tactics, handling customer queries, knowledge of the mobile phone industry.

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January 2003 - May 2005 @ LittleNomad.com, Various locations
  • Webmaster or Web Developer of an ongoing blog website that I started to document an informal account of my travels.
  • Created, designed, maintained and regularly updated a large website over a span of 2 years using a Content Management System, Javascript, PHP scripts, CGI scripts, administering mySQL databases through a web based environment using phpMyAdmin interface.
  • Integrated computing knowledge into the Apple OS X environment, enhanced knowledge on web development, internet traffic control/tracking/statistics, design architecture, FTP, user-friendly interfaces, script modification, data backup, website security, mirrored servers using RAID, content organisation and troubleshooting script installation problems, browser compatibility, server downtime, W3C, XHTML compliance, etc.
  • Non-profit making personal project. Accomplished developing personal qualities of independence, resourcefulness, people skills, stress management, world & cultural knowledge.

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May - November 2002 @ Sit-up.tv Ltd, United Kingdom
  • Outbound Agent within the company's Customer Services department.
  • Duties include maintaining targeted outbound calls to acquire and collect customer information, process sales, manage complaints and training new employees.
  • Learned to use and manipulate the Remedy® application which was the company system's main platform.

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March - June 2002 @ Sand City Ltd, United Kingdom (Part-time)
  • Sales Assistant at the company's O'neill flagship store in Carnaby Street, London.
  • When the company Saturday sales incentive was introduced, I achieved top sales for three Saturdays in a row.

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October 1999 & May 2000 @ Leo Burnett Sdn Bhd, Malaysia (Part-time)
  • Project coordinator for product launches and promotional events (Eg. Petronas F1, Malaysian Grand Prix).
  • Functions include stock control, product display, sales and overall operations.
  • Developed my knowledge of the implications involved in coordinating major projects and increased networking skills.
  • Learned that in a project, time is a variable, not a constant.

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1996 - 1999 @ Palmgold Corporation Sdn Bhd, Malaysia
  • Management executive for two subsidiary companies - Happy Graphic Recreation Sdn Bhd and Glorade Sdn Bhd.
  • Involved in human resource development, recruitment and selection, financial transactions and accounting, stock control, liaison with government officials, purchasing, promotions, market research, outsourcing and public relations.
  • Outstanding achievement of meeting sales target eleven months consecutively.
  • Analysed competitive industry and possible scenarios.
  • Acquired practical knowledge in the delegation of authority, acceptance of responsibility, empowerment, strategic planning, heightened communication skills in human relations and sharpened my ability to be an all-rounder.

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March - June 1995 @ Club Med, Cherating, Malaysia (Contract)
  • Worked as a G.O.(Gentil Organiseur) Bartender within an international community.
  • Behind the scenes running of a busy bar where keeping cool under pressure and flexible team working were crucial.
  • Offered an extension of contract.

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February - December 1993 @ Hutchison Paging, Malaysia
  • Telephone operator for the general public.
  • Developed telephone etiquette.

Various Odd Jobs
  • Film Extra in the latest James Bond movie Die Another Day which was filmed just outside London in Pinewood Studios, Iverheath, England.
  • Retail Sales Assistant with Mambo, an Australian surf clothing store in Covent Garden, central London.
  • Retail Sales Assistant with Paul Frank, an American street clothing store in the same area.
  • Kitchen Assistant in a country restaurant called Home House Restaurant in Croyde, North Devon, England. The proprietor Ms Caroline Bailey provided me with a letter of reference.
  • Kitchen Assistant in a Thai restaurant called Thai House located in Harrow-on-the-Hill, north west London.
  • Various part-time jobs distributing leaflets for product/event promotions or launches.
  • Bartender in Partybox, a pub in Damansara Utama, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.
  • Disc Jockey in Singles, a karaoke pub in Taman Tun Doktor Ismail, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Details of these jobs can be provided upon request.

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