Surfing above all else!!! I started surfing a few years ago but I've never lived next to an ocean so I have always had to travel to go surfing. There are many activities that I have tried but this seems the most ideal and unlikely to go away. Surfing is a source where I feel I can grasp the world in the palm of my hand and still be completely focused. To me and my friends who surf, it is a place where we lose ourselves and we find ourselves again.
I've completed 5 static-line parachute jumps out of a Cessna 172 aircraft using a Ram-Air Parachute over a period of 4 months from February to May 1998. The jumps were conducted by Kelab Sukan Payung Terjun Wilayah Persekutuan over the Segamat Country Golf Club in Johor, Malaysia. I trained with Mr.Azlan Ismail who was my Chief Instructor. I wish I had the resource(both time and finance) to continue developing my interest in this sport but that remains unforseeable in the near future.
  Scuba Diving
I am also a licensed North American Underwater Instructors(NAUI) Open Water Scuba Diver. However, my interest in scuba diving is still minimal as evident from the only 6 dives I've logged to date. Nevertheless, when I can, I intend to continue indulging in the rich bio-diversities available under the surface of the ocean. I completed my licence(No.0037182) at Steffen Sea Sports in the Perhentian Islands, located in the South China Sea off the east coast of peninsular Malaysia in June 1999. My instructor was Mr.Steffen Ng himself! I have also worked as a tour guide for snorkellers in the Perhentian Islands.
The very first time I went snowboarding was in Mount Buller, Australia, in July 1998. Besides that, it was also the very first time I saw snow in real life! And I never got the chance to snowboard regularly until the winter of the year 2000 which was when I studied the final year of my honours degree programme at the University of Central Lancashire in Preston, England. I was an active member of Snowboarding Club, participating in regular weekly snowboarding trips. In December 2000, I spent a week snowboarding in Val d'Isere, France.
I have windsurfed occasionally at certain spots in the east coast of peninsular Malaysia but didn't take it up regularly until my time at university in England. I was also an active member of the Windsurfing Club and participated in regular weekly windsurfing trips to the freezing lake in Rochdale - even throughout winter! In England, I have been windsurfing at the Lake District towards the end of the year 2000, and in Snowdonia, Wales, in spring 2001.
I love travelling. At university, I was an active member of the International Students Society and I continuously liaised with the International Students' Representative to deal with an issue on university accommodation because I represented a group of international students. Throughout my travels, I have captured many places and faces on camera and I have made many friends in almost every corner of the world with whom I am still in regular contact. My collection of memories span from China through Thailand, Malaysia(where I've lived most of my life), Singapore to Indonesia, Australia, Germany, Italy, Spain, Austria, France and the United Kingdom(where I lived for more than 2 years). This is one interest which is here to stay. Life is like a book - those who do not travel only read one page.
  World Issues
World trade or business information technology issues flood my mind when I'm in touch with the news. I am especially interested with issues relating to globalisation, mergers and acquisitions, regional trade groupings, high technology, market trends, data collection techniques, Internet related issues and economic news. My main source of information are the Internet news groups for which I can spend hours just reading and keeping myself up-to-date.
During my free time, I pick up the guitar to strum away my blues(and wake the neighbours). =) There was a time when I used to be in a band but nowadays, it is just a channel for me to relax and unwind. The guitar remains as a memory of my younger carefree days when I thought I could reach the stars. Today, I still keep reaching for the stars but I keep my feet on the ground.
Cooking was never an interest of mine until I had to attend university in a country at the other end of the world. Necessity is the mother of invention - the exact description of my new found activity!

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